Frequently asked questions

Can I make more than one project at a workshop?

Because of time constraints and the nature of our DIY workshops, projects are limited to one project, per person, during a scheduled workshop. *NOTE- there are frequently extra small projects made available at the workshop. If you have completed the first project and time allows, you may start another.

Do I have to pick a project ahead of time?

Yes. Project selection and customization for your project is required at the time of your online registration. To register, you must pick out and purchase your project. Please be sure to double check your spelling and information to ensure your project stencil and materials will be ready and correct for your workshop.

What is your cancellation policy?

1) BOOKING a home party workshop- Although we understand that life happens sometimes, due to the custom nature of our workshops, registration fees are non-refundable unless cancelled 7 days in advance and will be granted a full credit to host a future workshop. Host/Hostess is responsible for notifying all guests invited about the cancellation and or reschedule. 2) ATTENDING a home party workshop- Due to the custom nature of our workshops, registration fees for attending a home party you have been invited too are non-refundable unless cancelled 7 days in advance. If, however, the workshop was rescheduled by the Host/Hostess, a credit will be issued for the future workshop date set. 3) ATTENDING a workshop hosted by a venue- Due to the custom nature of our workshops, registration fees for attending a workshop are non-refundable unless cancelled 7 days in advance. Less than 7 days; you will receive a credit for a future workshop held at this venue.

How long does a workshop last?

A workshop typically lasts 2.5-3 hours.

Do I need to be crafty or artistically inclined to take a workshop?

Absolutely not! We will provide guided instruction in a relaxed environment. Just bring your DIY attitude and a willingness to learn and you will create a project to be proud of!

What should I wear?

Aprons will be provided. Although our paint and stain is water-based, you may want to wear something you wouldn't mind if it gets something on it.

Will the paint or stain have strong fumes?

All paint used is acrylic craft paint and the stain is water-based with very low odor. Both are soap and water clean up! (MSDS sheets are available if requested upon registration).

What is the minimum age to participate in a workshop?

Because many of our projects include the use of power tools; brad nailer, sander, drill, etc., the minimum age to PARTICIPATE is 16. It will be up to the individual host or hostess to decide about children ATTENDING during the workshop but supervision will be necessary.

Can I customize a project?

Certainly! If you don't see a design choice you like, you can select the "Custom" option. Be sure and type in ALL details in the "Monogram, Saying or Customization box. Please double check your spelling and or any numbers. We will go over your request to make sure it will work with the Project you picked out and let you know.

Can I change my Design Choice?

Designs are cut and customized shortly after registration. A $10 fee will be required to change a design once processed.

What is the minimum number to have a workshop?

We require at least 6 registrations.

What are the projects made of?

We mainly use pine for the wood projects as it is a beautiful wood with lots of character with the grain and knots.
*NOTE- wood may expand and contract with temperature changes. Frames are not necessary but recommended.

What payment system does BADC use?

We made it easy for you to use any credit or debit cards online with Paypal. You do not have to have nor do you have to sign up for a Paypal account to pay.

What happens at a workshop?

When you arrive, your project will be waiting for you. Don an apron and decide the colors of your wood project or sign, which can be stained or painted. While you let that dry, get a drink, a snack, chit-chat, etc. Next, remove the back of the stencil, set in place. Burnish with the squeegie provided. Remove the clear top layer and burnish again, really making sure to get those edges really well. Now it is time to paint your stencil with several thin coats until you reach the desired look. Remove the stencil and voilá! You have created an amazing piece. A clear coat, spray or brush on, is recommended for your project. Wait at least 24 hours for the paint to cure.
Keep in mind, we will be there to guide you through everything step-by-step.

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