Showers, House Warming and Parties

Sometimes the budget is very tight, especially for that wedding approaching or that precious baby coming! And decorating that new house can make quite a dent on the pocket book! BADC can help. Host a shower or party!

Here's how it works; 1) decide to host a party, 2) bride-to-be/mother-to-be/etc. creates a Gift Registry, 3) invite guests, 4) guests choose which project from the Gift Registry they would like to make as a gift, customizes and pays, 5) all attend party, have fun and the honoree gets a help with the reception decorations, that baby nursery, house warming, birthday or any other occasion.

BADC will bring everything needed for each guest to create their project, which usually takes 2 1/2-3 hours, to your home or whatever venue you have pre-arranged. E-invites and or Facebook Event will be created and sent out. 

Just contact me below or call with any questions and a date desired. I will get back with you shortly!

Honoree will be contacted to choose gifts for registry and details concerning projects. A gift registry page will be created and sent to guests with desired projects, color choices, etc.