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Our Story

Haiti pic2.jpg
Photo of me painting the MV Hope name

Welcome to Blue Anchor Design Co!


My name is Tami and I created BADC in 2017. My love of wood-working led to custom home decor items and hosting mobile parties. What fun it was to not just create but to help others get in touch with their creative side as well. Then the world changed and everything was locked down. I used this time to keep in touch with my family and church family with cards and paper creations. Thus began my journey into paper. Not too much of a transition from wood, both come from the same place, right? I still get out my saws and tools from time to time and have a stack of wood projects on the "to do list" but for now here we are. I do hope to start having workshops again in the future so keep a look out!

I wouldn't be able to create at all without my awesome husband; Shawn. He is my rock and best friend and we met on a ship! In 2007, we both ended up as volunteers with a Christian maritime disaster relief organization and we were married 2 years later. During my time there, I learned basic ship navigation, how to feed a crew of 70+ while rocking and rolling on the ocean, how to interact with people fresh from trauma like natural disasters and much more. I also learned to drink coffee (trying to stay awake during the morning bridge watch). Oh, and I read a lot. Volunteers on a strict budget realized early on that book stores and coffee shops were the best hangouts!

Shawn and I experienced many adventures together and rejoined the "real world" as I call it, 6 years later. Shawn went to work and I went to creating. I drew from my love of all things nautical for the name and logo of BADC. The anchor represents several things least of which is hope! Hebrews 10:23 says, Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. The tagline, "stay anchored" reminds me to always stay anchored to Jesus Christ and live my life accordingly. If we are anchored to something sure and fast, we are less likely to be tossed around during all of life's storms.


With BADC I hope to bring you great products, have a bit of fun, learn some stuff, and find a like minded community all while showcasing my love of Christ, creating, organization and reading.

Thank you for joining BADC on this journey and for your support!

Picture of me repainting the name on the MV Hope. You can't see it but I am standing on a floating 3 story scaffold! I loved that ship as it was the first one I sailed on and the first ship I "helmed".

Shawn and I in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010.

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